Vampyr finally sees the light of day on June 5


Will you invite a Vampyr into your house?

After three years of waiting, Vampyris ready to awake from its slumber. The vampire-themed action RPG from the Life is Strangedeveloper has a release date, barring any last-second setbacks.

Tucked away inside the fourth installment of a Vampyr webseries is a June 5, 2018 release date. That’s four months from now, and it sits right in that around-E3 summer lull where a lot of games don’t traditionally launch. Vampyrwill probably have the spotlight mostly to itself.

Dontnod’s Vampyris largely predicated on moral dilemmas — the push and pull of protagonist Dr. Reid’s medical sensibilities to save people and his vampire instinct to prey on them. It seems like nothing will have a clear-cut easy answer. At least now you know when you’ll have to make the tough choices.