Very Quick Tips: Red Dead Redemption 2


I’m a helpful feller

Your first tip for Red Dead Redemption 2?

Be ready to hear the word “fellers” an awful lot.

  • Story missions will net you a ton of cash after the first 10 hours or so: I’m talking hundreds of dollars, which is quite a lot of scratch in 1889. Stay frugal during that time and you’ll naturally start raking in the dough.
  • Once you start earning some cash you’ll want to buy a few gun upgrades first. The game will give you a rifle, sniper and dual wielding capabilities naturally, but you’ll want a better selection of weapons. There’s several that are super cheap (sub $100) in gun shops.
  • Rest a lot and don’t forget to eat the soup at your hub’s campfire every chance you get. Seriously: every time you finish a mission and there’s nothing going on, hold triangle (Y) and rest. You’ll replenish all of your cores (which govern stamina, health and time-slowing Dead Eye) and be ready to go for the next mission.
  • Take some time every so often (preferably when resting) to clean your guns (buy oil from a general store) and your horse. Their efficacy can go down over time and it just takes a few button presses to get them in tip top shape again. Your horse can be easily cleaned by running through water in the open world: occasionally gallop through water in the environment to stay on top of it.

  • Like many other games with a hunting mechanic, using a bow will net you a “clean kill” for a better pelt. Get dead animals back to camp because they can spoil!
  • One of the most useful ways to get rid of an enemy hiding in cover is to bum rush them with sprint with a weapon out. Having a gun equipped will allow you to use the execute ability with R2 (RT) to instantly take them out.
  • Save your Dead Eye shots for long range targets that you’ve already aimed at. It’ll cut down the amount of time you spend in slow-mo if you’re already looking in their general direction.
  • Don’t bother so much with items like cigarettes that raise one core at the expense of another. Buy fruits and healthier foods and just enjoy the positive benefits.
  • Press X (A) in time with your horse’s gallop to reduce the amount of stamina you expend while riding.