Void Terrarium gets charmingly weird teaser trailer


The Girl in the Bubble

Nippon Ichi Software has released a short teaser trailer for intriguing roguelike RPG Void Terrarium, which was officially revealed last week. This first video is relatively free of gameplay, but gives us the opportunity to feel out the game’s strange and desolate universe.

Void Terrarium – or void tRrLM(); //Void Terrarium to give it its full title – is the story of a small, reactivated service bot, who awakens post-apocalypse to find the world besieged by toxic plantation. The little droid soon discovers a young girl, perhaps the only human left, and places her in a small dome to keep her protected from the hazardous spores that roam the air.

From there, Void Terrarium will see the player control the bot and the girl, Toriko, in alternating gameplay. The bot must venture out into procedurally-generated areas, gathering, food, water, medicine and supplies, while Toriko will attempt to build a habitat for her survival.

Void Terrarium appears to blend elements from survival games, dungeon crawlers, charming indie adventures and weird body-horror sci-fi movies. It’s certainly attention-grabbing, and both the visuals and the evocative theme that features in this trailer have won me over, at least. Hopefully we’ll hear some news soon of a western localisation.

Void Terrarium launches in Japan on PS4 and Nintendo Switch January 23.