Volume: Coda is a launch title for Playstation VR


Free story DLC coming to Sony consoles

We may not yet know an exact date for the launch of PlayStation VR, but we do now know at least one piece of software that will be playable on the hardware on launch day.

Volume: Coda is a story expansion for Volume, indie developer Mike Bithell’s modern, top down, stealth game retelling of the Robin Hood story. The DLC will apparently tell the story of a master puzzle solver called “The Troubleshooter.” It contains thirty new missions, and features a new plot that is set after the event of the main game with a different cast.

The DLC will apparently be free for all PS4 Volume owners, and will also add VR support to the main game on PS4. Existing story content, user generated maps, and the new DLC will all feature PlayStation VR support.

Volume: Coda‘s DLC campaign will also be coming to the currently unreleased Vita port of the game, but obviously without the VR support.

Now to quietly sit and wonder if developer Bithell has played The Beginner’s Guide recently. Hmmm, Coda.