Wait, the American Sniper writer is doing Afro Samurai 2?


Of Rogue Warrior fame

I’m sorry, how did I miss this? All of this. Let me step back.

Jim DeFelice co-wrote the book American Sniper with the titular American sniper and Scott McEwen. This later spawned an unfortunate Oscar-bait film that made insane money (it almost caught up with The Passion of the Christ) and even has its own specially designed IMDB page.

But before all that, DeFelice was a light Tom Clancy penning military thrillers and, apparently, working with Namco on ACE Combat. Additionally, he co-wrote the Rogue Warrior novel series with the former soldier who would go on to write that shithole Rogue Warrior video game.

Anyways, the military thriller/American Sniper (and, of course, this year’s American Wife, capitalizing on it all) man is writing Afro Samurai 2, a game about a bloodthirsty swordsman with a bear head out for revenge (but, also, you’re supposed to learn that revenge is bad, as the above video dictates).

What a world.