Walmart's selling the Marth amiibo at a 115 percent mark-up


$27.99, and MSRP is $12.99

This is rather unusual. We’re accustomed to scalpers selling rare amiibo for far more than their retail price, but now Walmart’s getting in on the act. Yes, it seems the world’s largest private employer is price gouging for Nintendo toys.

Just a bit ago, the Marth amiibo went back in-stock on That’s not necessarily unusual, as some of the rarer figures are popping up more often nowadays. But, the strange part is that the price was listed at $27.99 instead of the customary $12.99. That’s a 115 percent mark-up over the suggested retail price. The price hike didn’t deter some, as the figure has since sold out again.

In past months, the amiibo scene has cooled considerably. The in-demand ones are becoming easier to find, and new releases are mostly reasonably well-stocked. Walmart apparently didn’t get the memo, though. It’s gonna capitalize on this craze.

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