Want in on the Doom beta? Head on over to GameStop


Or EB Games for the Canucks

More than two years ago, Bethesda promised access to a Doomclosed beta in exchange for Wolfensteinpre-orders. It was a long time back, but that beta is finally happening this weekend from March 31 through April 3. However, it’s not just those Wolfensteinbackers who can partake.

Bethesda recently updated the Doommultiplayer closed beta FAQ and added an interesting tidbit. The amendment reads: “Starting April 1 at 6pm (eastern), visit your local GameStop or EB Games (Canada) to receive a free Doomclosed beta access code. Codes will be distributed through April 3.”

It turns out that pre-ordering Wolfensteinmany moons ago wasn’t really all that necessary. A quick trip to the mall two years later will yield the same results. Bad news for those looking to revel in its exclusivity; but, good news for everyone else just lookin’ to slay some Cyberdemons.

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