Want to make a second character in Metal Gear Survive? That'll be $10


What is this, a charity?

It isn’t exactly breaking news that Metal Gear Survive includes microtransactions, but it seems that Konami has really outdone itself with this one. When starting Survive, you’ll need to create a character to play with. This character will occupy the single save slot the game comes with. Starting a new character means either deleting your first one or ponying up for another save slot.

While that is ridiculous, the actual price makes it even more insulting. It will cost you 1000 SV Coins (Survive’s made up premium currency) and the only options are either getting two 550 SV packs for $5 each or a single 1150 SV pack for $10. Yes, making another save file in Metal Gear Survive costs $10.

I couldn’t make this up if I tried, but that is the reality we live in. In some other odd news pertaining to Survive, apparently the EULA states that you cannot seek out romantic relationships or start a campaign (like a presidential or public office campaign) within Survive. I have no idea how that makes sense or why Konami would even care, but the sheer insanity of the company knows no bounds.

Welcome to the post Kojima Metal Gear future, everyone!

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