Warframe's Saint of Altra update brings a lightning fast new character


The Quick and The Dead

Digital Extremes’ Warframe gets a new update this week, bringing a speedy new character, mode expansions, and other fresh content to the free-to-play action title.

The Saint of Altra update is headed up by new warframe, Gauss. This super-streamlined warrior concentrates kinetic energy in order to run at lightning speeds, fast enough to negotiate long-distance terrain and even run on water with ease. The energy can also be utilised to increase defence potential, harnessing the power into temporary armour plating.

When things get particularly tight, Gauss can activate Redline, a supercharged ability that temporarily boosts all abilities, while also increasing attack power, fire rate, melee and reload speed. All of Gauss skills will drain battery life, so be sure to use Gauss’ Thermal Sunder ability to absorb kinetic energy and stay charged up like Everready.

Also coming in the update are new additions to the previously released Disruption Mode. New nodes for this tough challenge have been implemented at the Grineer Settlement on Mars, the Corpus Outpost at Laomedeia Neptune, Grineer Galleon at Sedna Kelpie,Grineer Galleon on Uranus Ur, the Grineer Kuva Fortress at Tamu, and finally Lua at Apollo.

If that wasn’t enough, then new skins, emotes and armour sets are being added to the customisation options, while the Riven Mod slot limit has been raised from 90 to 120. All in, that’s a lot of content to keep you doggedly fighting through Warframe’s PvE and PvP scenarios.

The Saint of Altra update arrives on PC this week, with consoles to follow in the near future. Warframe is available now on PS4, PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.