Wargroove's map editor sounds fantastic


And it’s included on all platforms, not just PC

It’s been too long since we’ve last touched on Wargroove, a turn-based tactical game from Chucklefish that should really speak to fans of Fire Emblem and Advance Wars. I know I’m not the only one around here who’s super into this idea and hopes they’re able to capture some of that same essence.

Today the studio has shared another look at Wargroove‘s scenario and map editor, which will enable fans to make their own story missions complete “with sub-quests, plot twists, ambushes, and hidden secrets.” Heck, you’ll even be able to create whole modes and “let players make decisions that affect the outcome of this AND of future missions (if you’re making a campaign).”

Chucklefish’s blog post walks through an example with gifs to help explain the process. The developer also notes that “this is the tool that we ourselves are using to make the campaigns of Wargroove, so expect to be able to do anything you’d expect to see in the campaign of a game of this genre!”

While I still heavily associate the game with Nintendo Switch, it’s worth stressing that Wargroove will also be available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One when it launches next year.

Make Your Own Adventure! [Wargroove]