WarioWare: Get it Together! demo now available on Nintendo Switch


As if that game can be any more bite-sized

If you fancy getting your weekend off to a comical start, then you might want to know that Nintendo has released a short demo for its upcoming title WarioWare: Get it Together!, which will bring its typically bizarre brand of crazy humor to the Switch platform next month.

The new demo will give Wario fans the opportunity to check out some of the 200 mini-games that will feature in the finished release, which will see a huge host of classic WarioWare characters go head-to-head in a challenge to be the finest WarioWarer of all time. Get it Together! will put players in direct control of the characters for the first time ever, utilizing quick wits and special abilities in order to eat ice cream, pump a rail cart, brush some teeth, drain a sink, and hundreds more strange, non-sequitur tasks. You can see some of the games in action in the Japanese overview trailer above.

WarioWare has always been one of Nintendo’s most enduring franchises, thanks to its simplistic beauty, super-casual approach to fun, and unique, colorful sense of humor. WarioWare: Get it Together! looks set to be no different, and I’m looking forward to taking my goth pal Ashley into battle against whatever weird and wonderful challenges Wario has in store for this latest iteration.

WarioWare: Get it Together! launches on Nintendo Switch September 10. The demo is now live on the eShop.