Watch a random world record speedrun all day, every day


I got Commander Keen on my first flip

Speedrunning is one of my favorite things to watch. Sometimes presented with our without commentary, I just love watching people tackle a game and using strategies from the community while adding their own spins to it. It helps me become a better player and it feels like a shared experience — something I see first-hand when I attend AGDQevents.

A new website has spawned from that passion called, and as advertised, you can click a button to get a random world record run — whether it’s from YouTube, Twitch, or what have you.

I’ve spent a few hours on it randomly going through, finding games I didn’t even know existed. But to these speedrunners, it’s what they lived and breathed for days or weeks on end getting these records. Again, this whole community is fascinating, and I’m happy that I have some local friends to speedrun with and partake in it as much as possible.

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