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Watch, briefly, how a dog's voice makes its way into a video game

Another Heroes of the Storm making of

Ever wonder how animal voices are grafted into video games and other forms of media? Sometimes it’s a real animal doing all the legwork. Sometimes, you get Alan Tudyk to do chicken noises.

With Heroes of the Storm though, Blizzard opted to use a real dog to record audio, then mixed it using audio software into the game to form the basis for the Luchihuahua mount — one of the mainstays of the Nexomania Luchadore-themed event that’s going on right now.

The industry needs more of these, even if they’re short! I loved watching the Azmodunk piece a while back — make the production costs as low as possible, just film the audio crew doing their thing!

The voice actor behind the Luchihuahua. 😍#Nexomania pic.twitter.com/HBsskYdljf

— Heroes of the Storm (@BlizzHeroes) May 28, 2018

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