Watch EA's 2016 E3 conference right here


Starting at 4PM ET

[Update:It’s over!Come talk about it hereand share your thoughts.]

Shortly, EA will stream its official press conference, kicking off E3 2016.

The publisher is expected to cover Star Wars, Battlefield, Mass Effect, as well as the already confirmed Titanfall 2leak that led into footage of Madden 17. You can watch it below on Twitch with your fellow Dtoiders and discuss whatever you want below, and we’ll be covering the news as it arises.

To be frank I don’t see anything really exciting coming out of this unless they can show actual footageof Mass Effector anythingStar Wars related. With all the hype, simple voiceovers and a “Coming in 2017” placard just doesn’t do it for me for stuff we already know.

Of course, anything brand new that hasn’t leaked yet? Fair game.