Watch SpyParty transform before your very eyes


Except Toby

SpyParty, the only game to make me wishI was a computer, has once again made a pretty big step forward. The basic map, the ballroom, has always been the first thing that new players see. It’s very basic, with plenty of vantage points for the sniper, but also plenty of confusion for the spy to take advantage of.

The ballroom will still be the starter map, but it is getting a facelift using the new style of graphics. It’s also having the amount of characters increased for 13 to 16, but not for the special beginner version of the map. You can take a gander at it above, or head over to the SpyPartywebsite to use a fancy slider that juxtaposes the old version with the new one!

This update is planned to hit this week, and you can always get in the action early by pre-ordering.