Watch the first trailer for Elden Ring


Wow, just wow

The rumors were right. Game of Thronesauthor George RR Martin is teaming up with FromSoftware to create a fantasy RPG called Elden Ring. For a lot of people, this could very well be the most exciting thing to happen at E3.

The first trailer is here. Check it out. Breathe it in. This is the good stuff. The master of action RPGs collaborating with the master of high fantasy. It’s an easy sell.

Miyazaki provided the following statement to Destructoid on the team-up: “Collaborating with George R.R. Martin to create the Elden Ring mythos has been a genuinely delightful experience and a source of wonderful inspiration. The team is working hard to ensure that the world of Elden Ring will be a fascinating place for players to explore, filled with peril and wonder from its furthest reaches to its lowest depths. This is a From Software title through and through, rich in fantasy and RPG action. We sincerely hope you look forward to it.”

Elden Ring does not currently have a release window, but is slated for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.