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Watch The LEGO Movie on YouTube for free this Friday

It will be available as a 100-min ad to The LEGO Movie 2 trailer

As if the news of thesecondLEGO Moviecouldn’t get any better, YouTube has teamed up with Warner Bros. for a Black Friday publicity move, streamingThe LEGO Moviefor free this week – for one day only! On the back of yesterday’s release of the full trailer, the team-up is a promotional stirring up hype for the sequel, which will be released in February.

According toThe Verge,The LEGO Moviein its entiretywill be accessible via a trailer for theLEGO Movie 2: by clicking a secondary option once you’ve hitplay, you’llbe able to watch thewhole thing for free. Because the movie will be playing as an ad, it won’t feature any additional ads. Awesome!

As well as encouraging users to sign up for music and video subscriptions, YouTube has already been offeringa handful of Hollywood releasesin a similar fashion. Uploaded by YouTube Movies, a number of movies come under the ‘Free to Watch’ banner. These ‘Free With Ads’ movies are good to know about – however, as the name implies, all of these movies feature ads throughout.

This is what makes Friday’s streaming event stand out – since the movie itself will be playing as an ad, there’ll be no annoying popups. You might argue thatThe LEGO Movieis a giant advertising stunt for the entire LEGO conglomerate, and you’d be correct. But I’m not complaining. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: it’s one of the most wholesome kids’ franchises out there. As well as fantastic casting,the writing is near-perfect, and I genuinely still get caught out by thatStar Warscameo despite the fact that the movie’s nearly five years old and I’ve seen it a hundred times.

Besides, this new advertising model – angling movies as ads, so as to slide in a bit of pre-release publicity – could have the added benefit of catching up new viewers and getting them invested before the release of the sequel. Though why anyone wouldn’t have wanted to see it yet, I don’t know.

The LEGO Moviewill be available on YouTube from midnight PST on November 23rd, until midnight PST on November 24th.

YouTube Will Stream The LEGO Movie Free as an Ad for the Sequel [The Verge]

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