Watching Double Fine make games is fascinating as ever


Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward returns!

Double Fine is in the midst of Amnesia Fortnight 2017. If you’re anything like me, these game jams are less about the end result — four playable prototypes, some of which were ideas voted on and chosen by the public — and more about the journey getting there. To that end, the first few episodes are up.

For the developers working on these projects, the rapid-fire pace needed to meet Amnesia Fortnight’s tight two-week deadline has got to be stressful as hell, but for those of us watching from the safe comfort of our homes, seeing the raw creative process like this is entertaining and insightful.

While the public voting phase of the jam is over and done with, it’s not too late to chip in for the Humble Bundle to get this year’s winning prototypes (Darwin’s Dinner, The Gods Must Be Hungry, Kiln, and I Have No Idea What I’m Doing) as well as assorted games from prior Fortnight events.