WayForward drop an ass-kicking trailer for River City Girls


Riot Grrrls

Out of nowhere, Shantae developer WayForward has released, nay, unleashed the first trailer for the next game in the head-cracking River City/Kunio-kun series: River City Girls, coming to PC and consoles in September. The development is also being overseen by fighting game gods Arc System Works.

As you can see from this preview, River City Girls will capture all of the scrolling brawler action the series is renown for, but features headliners Kyoko and Misako, who take to the streets to bust some fucking heads after their boyfriends (original River City brawlers Kunio and Riki) are kidnapped by gangsters. What starts out as a standard school morning fast becomes a journey through the down-and-out River City, kicking ass and taking names. Somewhere, Meiko Kaji is smiling in approval.

The trailer already shows off some amazing colourful sprite work and a wicked score, with WayForward promising an adventure filled with weapons and power-ups, six stages of mayhem, series’ favourite characters and anime/manga cutscenes. It already looks like my Game of the Year, I’m glad I’m gonna get something else out of 2019… Oh, and will Shantae be a guest star? WayForward has already stated that even if she was, their lips are sealed.

River City Girls launches on PS4, PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch digitally on September 5. A physical edition will be made available in future via Limited Run Games.