We got a new look at the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes, pre-orders open today


Straight from Pokemon Presents

After opening with a very cute little animated skit featuring the Sinnoh starters, we got a new look at the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes through a new presentation, which are still slated for this year. Oh, and you can pre-order them today.

In all, the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes look extremely familiar. The underground returns, and Team Galactic are still playing a huge part in the narrative. However, there are “revamped and powered up” features. Like extra underground secret base/fossil functionality, and “Pokemon Hideaways,” that let you locate different Pokemon depending on which statues you put in your base. “Some Pokemon can only be found here,” the presentation notes, in a Wild Area-esque twist. Pokemon Diamond and Pearl will sport a rhythm game, and a union room for local and online communication opportunities.

You can also customize stickers that let your Pokemon pop out of balls with different animations, like confetti, and change your outfit. You know, the typical modern series customization stuff. Oh, and you can walk around with a partner Pokemon, just like recent entries have added: more customization!

The Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes are still due on Switch on November 19. Was the new stuff enough to convince you? Maybe not!