We Happy Few refused classification in Australia, developer 'looking into it'


This involves Kickstarter refunds, unfortunately

It’s fascinating that a government’s intervention can have all sorts of repurcussions for a game that’s already been publicly known for three years, has been Kickstarted, in Early Access, and was all set to go, but here we are.

As a result of Australia refusing to classify We Happy Few, and this banning its sale in the region, develper Compulsion Games is scrambling to respond. They’ve noted that they’re “looking into it” and are appealing the decision, but in the meantime in addition to “sharing frustration,” the company is also looking into the whole refund thing — especially for Kickstarter backers.

Compulsion notes that if Australia doesn’t back down that they’ll “make sure” the impacted folks get a refund, and will work with backers to “figure something out.” In this globalized era where someone can spoof regional locations and easily buy media anywhere in the world, it’s so weird to see something effectively banned like this — almost like it’s out of a dystopian work of fiction.

We Happy Few in Australia [Compulsion Games]