Well, at least I didn't try to redeem a code as my Gamertag


Shout out to Q56H-2KN2-64GP!

When I first signed up for a PlayStation Network account many moons ago, I was dismayed to find my desired username was unavailable. Heartbroken and frustrated about not being able to go by the moniker xXxNoScopeXxX, I created a handle I knew would be wholly unique to me.

Little did I know the decision would haunt me for years to come. To this day, scarcely any of my online teammates can pronounce the random throng of Welsh words I pressed together in anaïve moment of dissatisfaction. I will probably forever be known as “cadta-whatever,” a grim reality I blame entirely on Sony and its loathsome policy that prevents upstanding citizens like myself from rebranding ourselves with good, wholesome usernames like 420bro69 or BernieSanders2016.

Some people have it worse than me, though. Take, for instance,Destiny player Q56H-2KN2-64GP, who seems to have accidentally tried to redeem a code while setting up a Gamertag. Poor guy.