We'll see more of The Last of Us Part II next week


Tune into State of Play

For a game that was announced nearly three years ago, it sure feels like we don’t really know all that much about The Last of Us Part II. Sony has been tight-lipped about the sequel, shying away from the drip-feed of marketing that highly-anticipated games are usually subject to. There was that extravagant E3 demo two years ago, but that’s about it.

Sony has been steadfastly resolute in showing us just enough to remember The Last of Us Part IIexists, but not enough to keep it on our minds. Maybe the scales are about to finally tip. Next Tuesday, September 24, Sony’s holding another State of Play stream. Developer Naughty Dog has chimed in with this tweet, confirming that The Last of Uswill be shown in some capacity:

“I’m gonna find…and I’m gonna kill…every last one of them.” pic.twitter.com/vO0cC6dGkO

— Naughty Dog (@Naughty_Dog) September 20, 2019

In May, reports came out that The Last of Us Part IIwas being pushed back to early 2020. If that time window is still accurate, we have to hear a release date sometime soon. Everyone insists the sequel is still PS4-bound rather than an alluring launch title for the PlayStation 5. That means time is running out. Can’t hide forever, Ellie. Eventually you gotta shiv some dudes in the neck.