We're live on Twitch for the new year and taking upcoming game recommendations!


New year, same Dreezy, unless you count the continued lack of body hair…

That’s right! We’re kicking off the new year on Twitch and we need your recommendations. 2020 is gonna be a packed and exciting year and we wanna know which new and upcoming games you folks wanna see!

Maybe you wanna see Dreezy stumble his way through Night City in Cyberpunk 2077? Perhaps some JRPG goodness with Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE Encore later this month!? Let us know! As always, we’ll also be giving away copies of whatever is currently streaming or Amazon gift cards to lucky viewers! To be eligible to win, you’ll first need to type “!raffle” into the Twitch chat to enter and complete two simple steps:

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The current streaming schedule:

Wednesday (January 1, 2020)Time: 6pm – End Of ChallengeStream: Multi streaming challenge

Thursday (January 2, 2020)Time: 9:30pm – 2:30amStream: Live With Nanerboots

Saturday (January 4, 2020)Time: 9:30pm – 2:30amStream: Smash Ultimate

Monday (January 6, 2020)Time: 9:30pm 2:30amStream: Hades

Tuesday (January 7, 2020)Time: 9:30pm – 2:30amStream: Live With Nanerboots

Thursday (January 9, 2020)Time: 9:30pm – 2:30amStream: Slay the Spire

Saturday (January 11, 2020)Time: 9:30pm – 2:30pmStream: The Binding Of Isaac

Monday (January 13, 2020)Time: 9:30pm – 2:30pmStream: TBD

Tuesday (January 14, 2020)Time: 9:30pm – 2:30pmStream: Live With Nanerboots

Thursday (January 16, 2020)Time: 9:30pm – 2:30pmStream: TBD

Saturday (January 18, 2020)Time: 9:30pm – 2:30pmStream: TBD

So relax, pull up your favorite chair, and listen to the sights and sounds of a man who sacrificed body hair this past year for video games live on the internet for your entertainment. Hell, maybe you’ll even win a game or two along the way! This is the path Dreezy has chosen (and we’ve contractually locked him into it). Just as things were always intended.