Wes Anderson's totally Wes-Andersonian Isle of Dogs has its first trailer


Prepare for lots of perfectly framed shots

Look, by this point there are two types of people in the world. People who like Wes Anderson films and people who don’t like Wes Anderson films. You can’t fall in the middle. This is the Internet, there are no middle opinions.

I fall in the like category, and as suchIsle of Dogs, looks absolutely wonderful to me from the get go. Anderson’s previous animated film,The Fantastic Mr. Fox,captured childhood wonder and excitement in a way few other films can, and tossing in adventuring dogs and hipster Japanese stuff just makes it all the better. Which is where, I think, those who do not like Wes Anderson may actually enjoy this one.

First off, everyone likes adventuring dogs (again, no middle ground here), and secondly, while this does look incredibly Wes Anderson in style, it also feels a bit more accessible to me. Maybe that’s just from being animated, but the trailer opens up into a movie that looks just a little less like his usual fare.

Then again, Yoko Ono voices one of the characters so this could be the film equivalent of a single plum, floating in perfume, in a man’s hat.