What a wonderful world: Ori and the Blind Forest


Best-looking game of 2015? Quite possibly

After finishing Ori and the Blind Forest, a heartfelt Metroidvania-style adventure for PC and Xbox One, I wondered just how the hell I managed to know so little about it going in. What a thrill.

There were moments — not merely in the beginning, but scattered throughout — where I just had to stand still and take in the surroundings. “How did they even achieve that graphical effect?” I still don’t know, but a bunch of art from Moon Studios has surfaced on Polycount and it’s stunning.

Interesting production tidbit: “…not every asset in Ori in unique,” writes poster Steffen Unger, “but every room in itself is. The assets got arranged freely to create new compositions making it hard to spot any repetition throughout the game.” Consider me fooled. I had no idea!

This high-res image of the main characters and enemies (spoilers!) is mind-blowing.

Ori and the Blind Forest Artdump [Polycount]