What do you want out of the next Resident Evil?


All-action, full horror, or another mix?

The reaction for Resident Evil 7 has been mixed since launch, and as someone who took it for a spin isolated from the discussion, I kind of figured that would happen. People felt scorned by 5 and 6 (and to some extent 4)’s move toward an action series, and Capcom took it further with each subsequent iteration. But that same discussion has been happening for months now, leading up through the unveiling of the long-delayed Not a Hero DLC, and I wanted to get your thoughts.

As many know I’ve played every Resident Evilgame to date, even the kooky spinoffs. I realize it’s not a popular take but 5is my favorite, mostly because of the rad co-op feature and the refined multiplayer Mercenaries mode (which was since topped by Revelations 2). It just feels like a complete action game I can play for ages on end, and I still do, frequently going back between the PlayStation Move and recently released remaster versions.

At this point, that’s what I want out of Resident Evil, as long as they don’t go overboard like they did in 6(making it Gears of Evilwas too far). I don’t need pure horror, there are plenty of indie games (and bigger releases) going for that now. Regardless of my thoughts, I feel like 7struck a good balance between the two, especially if you have a PlayStation VR strapped to your head. I could go for another!

What about you though?

hat do you want out of the next Resident Evil?