Which thumb do you use to hit the space bar?


My brain just broke

You might need to type a throwaway message before you can come up with an accurate response, but here goes: which thumb do you use to hit the space bar? Right? Left? Both? None of the above?

It started with an innocent question posed in Destructoid’s hangout room in Slack.

Does any righty use their left thumb to hit spacebar?

Then we all lost our minds.

I just looked at mine, and there's wear only on the right side.

I do use my right index finger quite often too, now that I actually look at what I'm doing.

Typing of the Dead?

I use both thumbs on the spacebar according to which key I've just hit.

Testing which hand I use to hit the space bar and oh god I can't type right.

Yeah, I use my left thumb when hitting space.

But my typing is really weird? I also learned to type playing RuneScape, and it was years later when we were taught to "properly" type in school.

Also I use right thumb.

This is how the Dtoid civil war starts.

I just looked, and I'm using exclusively my right index finger.

You're dead to me.

Hopping in to say that I am a thumbdidexterous when typing on a keyboard.

I don’t remember what life was like before the Space Bar Question.