While the Vita is essentially dead in the west, Sony re-iterates that physical production will continue in Japan


Sony says carts will continue past 2019 in the east

It’s been a weird….past six years for the Vita. Sony kind of fumbled the messaging out of the gate, showcasing an amazing OLED with exorbitantly priced proprietary memory cards. Fans just didn’t take to the strategy when they could buy standard SD units for their 3DS for half the price and hold twice as much memory, and that, among other things, is what lead to the system’s slow death.

While it’s hung on by a thread thanks to developers like Atlus that continued to support it, Sony is basically taking it out back and shooting it in the west. Just recently they announced that in addition to stripping the system off of PS+, they’re going to stop physical cartridge production in March 2019.

Again that’s for the west, and Sony has just re-confirmed to Japanese outlet GameSpark that “cartridge production will continue in Japan. Sony even says that in Japan fans will continue to “enjoy a broad line-up of titles.” It’s weird that the Vita is still a viable option for Sony in Japan, but it definitely is when games continue to sell for it.

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