Who do you have on your Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 team?


Wolverine will always have a spot

I wasn’t going to get Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, at least not at launch. I barely paid any attention to the game leading up to its release, and I’m not particularly attached to the series like many of you are. But when the big day arrived last week, I felt like I needed a fresh co-op game, and my spare Nintendo Switch Game Voucher was burning a hole in my pocket. I couldn’t resist! My impulses took over.

As it turns out and this is still surprising to me, even now I’m way the hell into Ultimate Alliance 3.

In many ways, it’s less ambitious than I think it could and probably should have been as a long-awaited sequel, but at the same time, there’s this undeniable pleasure in its simplicity. I like knowing that at the end of the day, even if I’m groggy or distracted, I can hop in, clear a few Infinity Trials, and call it a night.

Would I be into Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 if it came out during a crowded time of year? Not to the same extent, I don’t think. I doubt I would’ve stuck with it past the campaign. But right now, before the August onslaught arrives, it has found this perfect opening in my relaxed gaming schedule. What can I say: I’m a sucker for challenge rooms and incremental stat upgrades. Once I’m invested in my character, I’m all-in.

I bet plenty of you are very much working through the story and unlocking the full roster, but I’m curious – who’s on your team? While I’m still fine-tuning my lineup, I’m currently focusing on Wolverine, Crystal, Magneto, and Ghost Rider, though I’ll be tempted to go full X-Men down the road. I can hear it already…

It’s a tough call. You have to think about not only who you enjoy as characters, but also if they’re fun to play as, and whether or not everyone in your group has synergy. I just like who I like, honestly.

If you don’t have Ultimate Alliance 3, I’ll also accept made-up teams. Just rattle off four things.