Who needs a new Skate when The Crew 2 already has you covered


Honestly, who even needs a skateboard anymore?

So, I’ve been playing through The Crew 2 recently, as I never ended up getting around to the first game. The concept of an open world recreation of the good ol’ USA that allows you to race with various vehicles like something out of The Cannonball Run always seemed like a cool idea to me.

While The Crew 2 retains that concept, I can’t help but feel like its open world is simply big for the sake of being big. However, anytime a game is this massive, I have to wonder what secret or unique areas are hidden away within the world itself. So, let’s just say when I stumbled on a place outside of Dallas known as the “SK8 Arena,” I immediately went to investigate…

…With my monster truck, of course.

Obviously, this isn’t a secret location (considering it’s on the map and all), but, it’s certainly unique.

So for those of you picking up a copy or already playing now with the Gold Edition, I highly recommend you pony up the cash for a monster truck and make your way down to Texas to experience my favorite location in the game (so far).