Why is this fairy tale filter for Ghost Recon Breakpoint not in the game?


Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf?

I honestly don’t have words for this new Ghost Recon Breakpoint trailer. In a casual stroll of Twitter last night, I happened upon it and thought Ubisoft was playing a big joke. While it’s just a simple introductory trailer to get you up to speed on Breakpoint’s new additions, I’m puzzled why this old-timey cartoon style was chosen. I’m also kind of mad that it’s not available in-game.

Obviously poking fun at The Three Little Pigs, this trailer places Team Ghost as hunters tracking down the “Big Bad Wolves.” Seeing as how Jon Bernthal keeps referring to his team of treasonous soldiers as wolves, I’m guessing it’s a not so subtle joke at their expense. At any rate, this is a super fun way to tease Breakpoint that is far better than the crap Ubisoft was doing for Wildlands. At least this makes some kind of thematic sense.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Big Bad Wolves Fairy Tales [Xbox via YouTube]