Wild Pokemon Sun & Moon strategy guides appear


Standard and collector’s editions

While online FAQs and walkthroughs are infinitely useful, there’s something about settling down with a tactile guide that still gets me. I don’t buy them often, and when I do it’s generally for the art or for extra content like interviews (like the Dark Soulsline), but for some games, it’s worth going all out on.

One such series is Pokemon, with its myriad secrets and capturing nuances. And while we wait for Sun & Moonto drop, we can speculate at what this newly minted 350 page strategy guide might entail. It’ll arrive with the game’s launch, and there’s a $25 standard edition and a $40 collector’s edition. In addition to the usual collective of info, there’s also a “pullout map,” and undisclosed “bonus content” for the latter package.

I’m in. I just hope the game is as good as X & Y.

Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon [Amazon via Siliconera]