Wild West Online gets Steam launch date and new trailer


Saddle up

Action-MMO Wild West Online has announced that it will be leaving Early Access and officially launching on Steam May 10.

Wild West Online, by developer 612 Games, is an open-world MMO set in, funnily enough, the wicky-wicky-Wild-Wild West. Players can explore the vast wilderness of America’s pioneering era, with various activities such as mining and farming on offer, as well as the more common past-time of killin’. Players can play as peacekeeper of justice or a rugged outlaw, although the path on both sides is flexible.

The game will be adding a slew of new features at launch, including more content for both PvE and PvP mode. There will also be a global faction system which will see players battle it out over control of territories. New activities such as alcohol brewing and cooking are also on the way.

Players who pre-purchase the game will be allowed to jump into Early Access today, and will get a 48-hour headstart on the game when it officially releases. Not only that, but they will receive a bonus selection of cosmetic items with which to customise their avatar and weaponry.

Wild West Online is currently in Early Access and officially launches on PC May 10