Will you roar with the Blue Lions in Fire Emblem: Three Houses?


More first world problems in fantasy academia

Next week sees the launch of epic fantasy title Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Nintendo is gearing up for release by dropping a new trailer, showcasing another of the three places of learning that will turn to you for help and guidance through the battle for Bersia.

The Blue Lions, as their name suggests, hold high the standards of pride, strength and chivalry. This particular faction of the Gareg Mach Monastery are renown for the courage and never-say-die spirit in the face of overwhelming odds. Led by Prince Demitri, The Blue Lions are made up of stoic warriors, favouring strength in combat over the arcane arts of The Black Eagles, or the ranged skills of The Golden Deer. Whose side will you choose?

Fire Emblem: Three Houses launches on Nintendo Switch July 26.