Windows 10 rumored to be released late July, is getting an Xbox avatars app


Upgrade with all the launch bugs, or wait?

Windows 10 is nearly upon us, and it may be sooner than we thought — according to a leak from an AMDearnings call, it will be released in late July. For those of you who own Windows 7 and 8, it will be a free upgrade — an offer that will be available for 12 months.

In other non-leaky news, Microsoft has plainly confirmed the existence of an avatar app within the Windows 10 preview program, which allows Xbox users to modify their dolls on a PC. Xbox’s Major Nelson notes that there will be “more to share later this week,” which of course could mean official confirmation of the AMD slip-up.

I think I’ll fall on my sword upgrade one of my PCs for science come July (you guys are the best), and report back on my experiences.

Major Nelson [Twitter]