WipEout Omega Collection is amazing in VR


It looks and plays like a dream

It’s hard to believe today’s PlayStation VR update for WipEout Omega Collection is free.

As opposed to some games that support virtual reality across just a subset of the content or in side modes, here, everything is playable with the headset. WipEout HD, Fury, and 2048 are fully supported. The menus and interface have been fine-tuned. Heck, even the mid-race photo mode still works!

There are numerous comfort settings and camera options that you can switch between during races, and certain levels (you can probably guess which) include a warning the first time you play them.

After hearing early buzz about the patch, I made sure to re-download Omega Collection this afternoon and re-experience these games from a fresh point of view. I feel pretty confident calling it one of the best PlayStation VR titles to date, right up there with Resident Evil 7. The cockpit view in VR is so good — not just to look at, but to play — that I’ll have a tough time going back to the old standard.

If you give this a shot, I’d suggest warming up on one of the less-intense tracks. Even though I rarely feel discomfort in VR any more, it took me a few laps to find my footing. Save Sol for later.