With or without VR, Thumper is going to be wild


Confirmed for PlayStation VR

We’ve kept up with Thumper for some time now and this is it — this is the year it’s bringing “rhythm hell” to Steam, PlayStation 4 and, as announced today, PlayStation VR.

The game is about you, a shiny space beetle, hurtling down a psychedelic track, and there’s also this demonic head at some point, and, uh, you had probably better just watch today’s trailer to get a basic sense of what they’re going for here. The atmosphere is unlike anything I’ve seen in a rhythm game.

Thumper is a collaboration between two former Harmonix developers, Marc Flury and Brian Gibson.

“We’ve spent the past few years making Thumper the most intense two-dimensional experience possible,” said Flury. “Wouldn’t a VR version just be too intense? Well, we can confirm that not only is it intense, it’s completely overwhelming!”

I believe it.