World Heroes 2 brings the pain on Nintendo Switch


But not the ‘Jet’ edition?

I seem to be writing a heck of a lot of these ACA articles lately… Another Neo Geo fighter has arrived on the Nintendo Switch, as 1993’s World Heroes 2 is available to download, courtesy of Hamster and the ACA Neo Geo Range.

World Heroes 2 is the goofy sequel to Street Fighter knock-off World Heroes (naturally). The game is remembered for its weird cast of characters, such as mad monk Rasputin and satanic football player Johnny Maximum, as well as its large, colourful sprites and “Death Match” mode, which fills the arena with hazards and traps.

I’m surprised that Hamster haven’t released the slightly revamped World Heroes 2 Jet, which is already available on PS4 and Xbox One, instead choosing to launch the vanilla version of the title. I’m sure that Jet will also make an appearance down the line, and you might be better off holding out for that.

World Heroes 2 is available now on Nintendo Switch, with the usual $8 price tag.