World of Warcraft unveils its new fairy world of Ardenweald


Zangarmarsh vibes

Although “darkened neon purple and blue” is a highly popular aesthetic in World of Warcraft, I can’t get enough of it. Zangarmarsh, Azsuna, Netherstorm: take your pick. Now,Ardenweald will join that list when the upcoming Shadowlandsexpansion hits.

Described as a “twilight-tinged afterlife for those closely connected to the wild,” there’s trouble in this “afterlife paradise,” as you’ll need to deal with the whole…Shadowlands situation. Faeries, cute little owl creatures and centaur alike grace these wilds, with the ability to join the Night Fae Covenant (one of the new features in Shadowlandsthat lets you join a faction for passive and action bonuses). Sorry Night Fae, I’m already spoken for. I’m a simple man: I see a vampire faction, and I’m already in.

As we inch ever closer toward the “TBA 2020” date, Shadowlandsis really coming together. Hopefully we’ll get a release date during the June 9 mini-BlizzCon stream. Blizzard also has a chance to take what they’ve learned in Battle for Azeroth(as much as I’ve adored it overall) and apply it here. With several arms of Blizzard fading into obscurity, WoWneeds to be stronger than ever.

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