World War Z's free Kill It With Fire update kicks off second season


Zombie armies not wiped out yet

Saber Interactive continues to support its carnage-filled shooter World War Z, with a brand new update that kicks off the second season of free content for the zombie-wrecking multiplayer title.

The “Kill It With Fire” update, which is live in-game right now, brings with it two brand new story chapters, which sees the undead continue their siege on capital cities New York (Dead in the Water) and Moscow (Resurrection). And while things may be pretty chilly in Mother Russia, players will be afforded the opportunity to heat things up with the all-new Flamethrower, which joins the game’s expansive arsenal of death-bringers.

For long-time players who have since capped their XP levels, the new Prestige mode will allow you to reset your account back to zero, carrying over all of your abilities and unlocks and even earning some new bonuses for your second run at the game. On a technical level, World War Z now offers more option for ultra-widescreen support and more options to customise private lobbies.

All in, it’s yet another great update for the cult multiplayer title, Starting off a brand new season with yet more game content and technical tweaks, and all provided to players free-of-charge. World War Z may not be the most popular shooter on the market, but many a big brand publisher could learn from Saber’s approach.

World War Z is available now on PS4, PC and Xbox One.