Worldwide creative director of Epic Games wants to see Fornite on Switch


Cross-play is a mess with Sony holding out

“PC, PS4, Xbox One and…Nintendo Switch?” As I’ve said many times before I’ve typed out the former three systems more times than I can count, typically leaving out “Wii U” and “Switch” for many years for many multiplatform releases. But nearly every week another publisher steps in and says enough, and either pledges to support a Nintendo system, or toys with the idea.

Epic Games is the culprit this time, as Donald Mustard, worldwide creative director for the company, answered a fan inquiry regarding the Switch. When asked, Mustard stated that Epic is interested on bringing the game to the system, stating “hopefully we do that at some point!” It’s not a confirmation that it’s even in the works, but this is how talks with Nintendo start if Epic thinks it could be a profitable endeavor and their team is up to the task. Hey, many studios have outright said “our project isn’t possible on the Switch, period,” so this isn’t a shutdown.

The only holdup would be cross-play. Currently Sony is still holding out, even going so far as the only major publisher not participating in Minecraft‘s massive cross-play initiative that involves Apple (iOS) and Google (Android). If someone, one day can convince them, gaming would enter a bright new era where nearly anyone on any platform could theoretically play with each other.

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