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Wow, Minecraft on Microsoft's HoloLens looks hot

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We have seen snippets of Minecraft on HoloLens in the past, but at Microsoft’s E3 press conference today, a couple of presenters showed off something that had us putting up the respect knuckles. With a special camera showing what the HoloLens was producing, a Minecraft world was displayed on a physical table.

Playing in conjunction with the other presenter on a Surface tablet, the HoloLens wearer could visualize the underground and call down lightning strikes at will. If it looks as good through the HoloLens as it looked on the press conference stage, this could inject a whole new life into the already massively popular open world game.

For now, enjoy the smattering of screenshots we took, but note that it really comes alive in motion. We’ll get footage up once it becomes available.

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