WWE 2K20 gameplay reveal and more coming next week


Here Comes the Money

2K Games and WWE has announced that it is gearing up to show off this year’s entry in the endless, tedious WWE 2K series. The annual pro wrasslin’ franchise is known for popping out a new release every fall season, and it appears that 2019 will be no different.

Speaking on Twitter, publisher 2K noted that WWE 2K20 will step through the curtain on August 5, bringing with it a cover star and the first gameplay footage. The tweet notes that fans get expect “more details than we’ve ever shared at announce,” which is a really weird statement. But no doubt the marketing machine needs to get in gear in the game is going to drop in just a few scant months.

While this is all guesswork, no doubt fans can expect an updated roster, perhaps with a few newbies missing for upcoming DLC additions, along with a plethora of match types, some minor control revisions, and a new career mode. This long-stagnant series is sorely in need of a break, or at the very least a full overhaul. Still, hope springs eternal, and maybe I’ll be proven wrong when Seth Rollins, A.J. Styles, Becky Lynch, and co. make their latest digital debut.

Who have you got for the cover? I’m really hoping it’s Shane “Best in the World” McMahon.

The #WWE2K20 cover reveal kicks off on August 5 with more details than we’ve ever shared at announce and your first look at game footage! Follow our social accounts so you won’t miss a thing. pic.twitter.com/EqcA00gYx8

— #WWE2K20 Info August 5 (@WWEgames) July 31, 2019