WWE star Asuka opens YouTube gaming channel 'KanaChan TV'


Nobody is ready for KanaChan TV

WWE superstar and long-time video game fan Asuka has started her own YouTube gaming channel, where it appears she will be uploading videos of her adventures on titles old and new.

The SmackDown star first set fans’ tongues wagging last week, with a series of tweets which showed Asuka – real name Kanako Urai – building a new gaming setup in her home. This was followed by images of her designing a logo, before “KanaChan TV” suddenly emerged on YouTube, alongside a short clip of The Empress enjoying a stage in Super Mario Maker 2.

This isn’t Kana’s first rodeo in gaming. Alongside her in-ring accomplishments, Kana has worked as a freelance gaming journalist and graphic designer, with her past work having been licensed by both Microsoft and Nintendo. Kana’s twitter regularly plays host to gaming content, featuring eclectic titles such as Rolling Thunder 2, Super Mario Odyssey, Snatcher, Devil’s Crash and ESWAT, alongside photos of her ever-expanding console and video game collection. Given the popularity of these tweets, it seems that the joshi wrestler has taken the plunge into becoming a content creator.

Between the ropes, Asuka is typified by her flashy appearance and fast-paced, hard-hitting style. Asuka held multiple titles in Japanese promotions such as NEO Japan Ladies Pro-Wrestling, Osaka Joshi Pro-Wrestling and JWP Joshi Puroesu, before joining the WWE’s NXT brand in 2015.

After capturing the NXT Women’s Championship in 2016 – as part of a 914 day undefeated streak – Asuka joined the main WWE roster in 2017. Asuka was the winner of the first-ever Women’s Royal Rumble match, partnered with The Miz to win the first Mixed Match Challenge, and would go on to hold the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship.