Xbox One owners can explore Rogue Legacy on May 27


Sword or whip?

I’d like to use a time machine to, among other deeds, dissuade Brett from using the headline “Xbox One inherits Rogue Legacy” so that I might use it right now in this post. Hate coming up with these things. But, really, saving it for May 27, 2015 would have been more appropriate — that’s when Rogue Legacy launches on the console. Abstraction Games is handling the port.

If you haven’t played this action-platformer on Steam or PlayStation yet, you may enjoy it. Lots of people do. I didn’t stick with the game, and that bums me out. Maybe I would have seen it through to the end had I played in my living room instead. Anywhere but this office, really.

Rogue Legacy coming to Xbox One on May 27th! [[email protected]]