Xbox will make your Space Jam visual novel game and put it on Game Pass


LeBron Games

How are you at pitching? When you’re a big-brained business type, you don’t need to sell things. You just need to sell ideas. And they don’t even have to be good ideas! You just have to make them sound good.

Go ahead and pitch Microsoft on the wildest Space Jamgame you can think of. If they like your pitch enough, it’ll get turned into a real game and added to Xbox Game Pass.

All of this is a promotion for the LeBron James-starring Space Jam: A New Legacymovie that’s due out next year. Microsoft’s hosting a contest where two pitches for arcade games will go through development and released. All you have to do is pick one of the 16 pre-selected images that best depicts your idea, and then explain it in 500 words or fewer.

Did your mind instantly go to erotic visual novel? Mine neither. But if you can make your Space Jam-themed erotic visual novel sound intriguing enough, Microsoft will probably definitely fund it. Or, maybe pitch a grand strategy 4X game where Bugs Bunny is some kind of emperor. How about a walking simulator where you examine authentic NBA gameplay (traveling joke!). Let’s talk, Microsoft. I got ideas for days.

Anyway, two winners get their game made and put on Xbox Game Pass, along with a prize package that consists of: an official credit, LeBron-signed merch, Space Jamand Nike merch, a personalized Xbox Series S (spring for an X, Microsoft!), a private screening of the film, and a virtual Mcirosoft coding workshop for their local community.

I’ve settled on my pitch: It’s about a 5’9″ games blogger who gets drafted into the NBA even though he’s in his 30s and doesn’t have much of a jump shot. It’ll be a rhythm-based shmup.

Want to Help Design the Xbox Space Jam: A New Legacy Arcade-Style Video Game? [Xbox]