XCOM 2 Dark Events offer 'dramatic gameplay changes'


You better beat ’em

One of my favorite things about XCOM: Enemy Unknown was that it lets you fail, so I kind of love that XCOM 2‘s canon centers around the Commander having failed in the first go and now needing to oust our alien overloads off of Earth.

Firaxis has just detailed the sequel’s Dark Events, black ops projects under Advent, the human group working with the alien invaders. As you gain more sway and reclaim swaths of Earth, Advent becomes worried it’s losing its grip on the world and begins to work against the XCOM project.

“[Dark Events] run the gamut from something as small as improving Advent soldiers’ gear in the field to more dramatic gameplay changes such as deploying a UFO that will hunt the Avenger. Advent can also negatively affect XCOM supply drops and, in a far more chilling Dark Event, hide extra Faceless amongst the populace of each mission. Rapid Response poses another massive threat to XCOM, guaranteeing Advent reinforcements will be deployed during all Guerrilla Ops missions. We’ve also heard reports of Advent employing Viper Rounds—poisonous ammunition made from Viper venom.”

Can’t wait, can’t wait. XCOM 2 was delayed to February 5, 2016.