Yacht Club Games would love to have Tingle DLC for Shovel Knight


But it’s likely not happening

The Shovel Knight amiibo is still mysteriously a giant question mark in the US, despite the fact that some people in Europe are getting their hands on the toy this week. Speaking to Gaming Boulevard, developer Yacht Club Games had a few interesting things to say, most notably regarding the amiibo functionality and its dream DLC.

As it pertains to the amiibo, co-op isn’t the only thing coming — “New relics, equipment, the ability to customize Shovel Knight’s look, new challenge stages, and on Wii U, two player co-op! We plan to continue support of the Shovel Knight amiibo in future Yacht Club Games and Nintendo products!” Additionally, when asked about adding Tingle, they responded, “We don’t have any plans for more Nintendo specific DLC content. But we’d always love to do something with Tingle. He’s the best!”

As much as this prospect sounds amazing, I talked to Yacht Club Games earlier this year, and the studio noted that Nintendo wasn’t responsive to adding in one of its properties to the game, like Sony and Microsoft did for Kratos and the Battletoads, respectively. I think the amiibo was a compromise of sorts.

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