Yep, Catherine looks just as weird as ever as we wait for the Full Body PS4 edition


This game came out in 2011 and is still relevant

Catherine is a shining achievement for Atlus. It’s out of their classic JRPG comfort zone and managed to spawn a speedrunning/competitive fighting game community out of it, on top of everything else it accomplished. It’s no wonder why we’re getting a re-release.

The confusingly phrased “enhanced port” is still coming westward in September, a whole seven months after Japan received it. Dubbed “Catherine: Full Body,” this PS4 (and Vita, in Japan: RIP) port boasts new content and enhanced visuals, as well as a Japanese audio track for the localization. It is indeed, full bodied.

Never played it before? I’d hate to spoil it for you, but Catherineis a rad, weird adventure that combines Q*bert style gameplay with a heavily occult-based dark romance motif. Odds are you’ve probably heard your friends rave about it: come September, you’ll probably just want to finally pull the trigger already. The new trailer below should give you a basic idea.

If funds are an issue, note that you can get the PS3 original for under 10 bucks used: so you have plenty of time to continue waiting to find out if all of the Full Body extras are enough to justify that very new $60 price tag.